Our fine selection of lakes give you a variety of Environments and Species to fish for



Specimen Lake

The specimen lake covers 14 acres. Although predominantly a Carp Water, there is an abundance of other species, including Bream, Rudd, Perch and large Pike. One side of the lake is tree lined with an island to the open side. Carp and Pike to 27½ lbs.



Match Lake

A beautiful 7 acre wood lined lake which also has an island. The match lake is noted for its large head of Tench to 11½ lbs and good stock of Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Carp to 10 lbs. Top weight of 500 lbs to one rod in one day.



Small Carp Lake

Regular anglers regard this as an easy water in which to catch. Carp to 10lb The lake is a quarter of an acre with two islands. Catches are frequently in excess of 50lbs.



Birch Lake

This is our newest lake and is very well stocked with Carp to 10lb, Tench, Bream, Roach, and Rudd. This lake is popular with all types of anglers.



Roach Pool

Popular with junior anglers, the pool is well stocked with small Carp, Tench, Crucians and Roach